I SHOOK THE TREE now available!

Karen Savoca’s eighth release, I SHOOK THE TREE (Alcove), is a provocative collection of 12 journal entries, exploring the mysterious rooms of the heart through tales of love, betrayal and rebirth. Savoca confronts a world that too often rewards selfishness over kindness, and narcissism over empathy. (Her tongue-in-cheek alternate title is “What I’d Say If You Were All Dead.”) She laughingly says, "Songwriting is cheaper than therapy."

Recorded in their 19th century renovated church with longtime partner, Peter Heitzman, I SHOOK THE TREE features the soul stirring bass of legendary “Groovemaster,” Jerry Jemmott (BB King, Aretha Franklin, Greg Allman).

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November 2015...
Karen & Pete are featured in concert on Wyoming Public Television's Live From Dennison Lodge.

Other artists in the series include Eliza Gilkyson, Ray Bonneville, Pierce Pettis and more.


Karen's show can now be streamed here.



Savoca's Music - Theme for NASA / National Parks Collaboration

Karen Savoca provides the theme music for the Climate Cast podcasts, which address the growing concerns about the effects of global climate change on our national treasures.

Earth to Sky is a partnership between NASA and the National Park Service.



  Savoca Nominated in World's Largest Music Awards

In The Dirt was nominated in the category of Best Song by a Female Singer Songwriter by the Grassroots Music Organization Just Plain Folks. After receiving a record setting 42,000 albums and over a half million songs from 163 countries around the world, the organization's staff and team of volunteers filtered the music down to both song and album nominees. This years nominees come from over 80 different countries around the world.

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