There's some strange stuff out there.
And we collect it.

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Odd Business Send photos if you have them! Diesel Fried Chicken

  • Costly Law Firm ~ Two Harbors, MN
  • The Passing Wind Farm ~ Earlville, NY (photo courtesy of Andrew Bays)
  • Sign reads: "God is in control - Full line of bait and tackle" Whitney Point, NY
  • Lick-A-Chick Drive-In, Sydney, Cape Breton, Canada
  • Hammer Chiropractic ~ Milton, WI
  • Sign on motel "Here lies the end of a great day", Menomonie, WI
  • Hells Holes Nature Trails ~ Ontario, Canada
  • Aves Taxidermy & Cheese ~ Hudson, WI ~ slogan is " No People, No Pets!"
  • Amigone Funeral Home
  • Pepi's Pizza and Bridal Boutique ~Oneida, NY
  • Naughty Novelties & Bakery ~ Portage, WI
  • Alice & Jerry's Mortuary And Used Clothing Emporium
  • The Optimist Club Of Cape Fear ~ Cape Fear, NC
  • Sign reads: Juanita's Seafood Bait & Tackle / Jesus Saves ~ Vanceboro, NC
  • Lube & Latte ~ Grants Pass, OR
  • Gomez Chicken and Auto Parts ~ Hermosillo, Mexico
  • Pete & Dot's Puppies - Fishing Bait, Oelwein, IA
  • Tofu, Shrubs & Seafood (they only pump gas) ~ Hood River, OR
  • Cheese Factory Auction Palace ~ Central NY
  • Brown's Pianos, Organs and Waterbeds ~ Albany, NY
  • The Lovejoy Flexible Coupling Company
  • Bikini Landscaping ~ Albany, NY
  • Dave's Soda and Pet Food City
  • Scary Hair Salon names...
    • Picasso Hair Stylists ~ NYC
    • Hair Hoppers ~ NYC
    • It'll Grow Back ~ Taylor, TX

Odd Corporate Slogans

Peoples' Gas (utility company) - "Our promise is in our people"

Alltel (phone company) - "Always more than you thought"

from South Carolina
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Odd Jobs

We've asked people to share their strangest jobs with us. Here are a few of our favorites...

  • Eyeball Insertor (at doll factory that makes your child's "twin")
  • Wolf Dung Collector
  • Elephant Dung Collector
  • Bovine Podiatrist
  • Cranberry Plinker at Ocean Spray (rotten ones glow under black light)
  • Painted faces on miniature bagels for necklaces
  • Seashell Counter
  • Head Ejaculator (for artificial insemination of cattle)
  • Watched people sleep
  • Funeral Boy in all-rollerskating version of Oklahoma (Peter Mulvey!)
  • Boat Sinker for the Coast Guard
  • Thong Inspector at Myrtle Beach
  • Babysitter for 1,000 eels
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